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You’ve had enough of feeling like crap most of the time.
Your emotions often get the better of you and you want to change but don’t know how.
You’ve tried psychologists, counselors, coaches but you don’t know how to understand and process your emotions.
You’re feeling apprehensive about how life will unfold for you as you continue to have emotional outbursts that often leave your relationships in suffering.
You feel you don’t have enough of that “Emotional Intelligence” to make it big in your career or to run a successful business.
You worry that you’ll end up lonely, overworked and unfulfilled.
You’re ready to make peace and understand yourself and your big emotions.
You want to live your truth and embrace yourself wholeheartedly, unapologetically.

I’m so glad you’re here! Choose where you’d like to go:

Hi I’m Heba! I’m your Essential Oils Expert on Emotional Matters.

I’ve learned a thing or two about Emotional Mastery.

I learned that while emotions are central to our lives, we don’t choose what to feel or when to feel it.

All of our experiences and emotions, negative or positive, they are all a part of us. The feelings we wish we didn’t have actually DO impact us until we face them and move beyond them. When we spend energy trying to distance ourselves from the feelings we don’t want, we actually end up feeling worse, perhaps without even knowing why. We need to clear out the negative energy and fears, in order to create space for new energy of healing, possibility and light to come in so that we can respond with love.

Essential oils play a powerful role in emotional healing. The body holds emotional trauma which then translates into physical pain. I’ve been practicing shifting my emotions using essential oils for a few years now and I can show you how.

I’ve walked the path of feeling so down in the dumps that nothing can uplift me.

And I would stay stuck with the yucky feelings for DAYS. Feeling so stuck from within and from without.

I needed tools to help break the cycle of my self-defeating thoughts which turned to strong emotions which turned into negative behaviour.

That’s when essential oils were introduced to me and as I learned more about their emotional healing properties, I embarked on a mission of using them as tools to help support me through the stages of healing from the physical realm to the emotional realm.

I finally overcame the constant feelings of insecurity and rejection and made peace with myself and with my emotions because I took the time to understand and harness them.

Doing this allowed me to live more purposefully, more intentionally and in alignment with my truth. Let’s you and I together explore how to make that happen for YOU.



Essential Oils


If you’ve ever crushed a peppermint leaf between your fingers or squeezed a lemon or orange peel, you’ve experienced the power of essential oils. Essential oils are great for many people – young and old alike. They rebalance and adjust your internal chemistry by adding beneficial chemicals and removing toxins. They travel through the body and aid with internal functions. They act directly on the area to which they are applied. They improve your mental health and state of mind. Find out what the big buzz is all about and 18 facts you should know about essential oils.

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A growing resource list of all things that have truly helped me on my journey. Check back often here for the (ever-evolving) collection of tools that have inspired, empowered and changed my life. Access my reading list, request an essential oils sample, download my positive affirmations list, download my How To guides on everything related to essential oils and much more!

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