5 common mistakes network marketers do when contacting people (and how to fix them)

Are you a network marketer? There are 5 common mistakes network marketers often do when they first set out to contact people.

I’ve been in the essential oils business industry through network marketing for the last 3 years and it’s been quite the journey! When I first started, I quickly felt the need to establish a “modus operandi” so to speak or a way to save all my contacts in one place and record all the conversations I would be having about these oils and the business opportunity.

I also needed a tool that would help me sound authentic in my communications and advance the important relationships (business and personal) without sounding like I was regurgitating info I had read from a textbook. Read on to learn about the 5 common mistakes that network marketers do when contacting people and I am proposing a single tool as a way to neatly fix these mistakes.

I wrote this training so you would not experience the pain I went through when trying to find the right tool for my business when I first got started. I also wrote it so that you can learn from these mistakes and achieve success FASTER!

Most network marketers have a tough time contacting people. They fidget with the idea of contacting people thinking it’s too “salesly” or cheesy to even reach people they don’t know. But they don’t realise that contacting and reaching new people is one of the most important aspects of their business and without it they will FAIL miserably.

It doesn’t matter how great your products are, how persistent or motivated you are, you will fail if you make these mistakes. Also, no matter what type of business you’re in, you NEED a consistent supply of new prospects to talk to. If you need more ideas on that, message me through my Contact page and let me know what your struggles are and let’s brainstorm ways for you to discover new prospects! I may give you my strategies and the tool I use to always keep fresh new prospects coming in 🙂

Here are the 5 common mistakes network marketers tend to make:

Mistake #1: They approach their list with the goal to sponsor/enroll everyone!

Wow this is a big one! First of all, you need to understand and internalise that the only reason you even establish a contact list is simply to let people know that “you are in business”. That’s it! The only reason I was able to build a network in different countries and generates a decent monthly residual income that I don’t even work for anymore, is because I treated my business like a traditional real business. Not a hobby. Not a part-time job. A real business.

Everyone knows that network marketing is a legitimate form of business where the real goal is to build a network of loyal customers and builders because a product is that good and beneficial for our every day life. It’s the hardest task you can ever set yourself out to accomplish but it’s the most rewarding! There is no way I am done with growing my business but there is one thing I keep crystal clear to myself and to everyone I encounter: I am not interested in enrolling everyone I speak to.

I’ve deeply ingrained the concept of “swswswn” (some will some won’t so what next) and I respect everyone’s decisions.

My goal is to simply let people know about what I’m doing and that’s how I set the stage for LATER when they ARE interested when the timing is better for them. It makes my follow-up so much easier. So treat your business like it’s gold and don’t “hope” that anyone joins you because that will just put tremendous pressure on you. You won’t be natural and you’ll fumble for your words. If you’re not attached to the outcome, then you will never feel nervous about talking about your business! Things will become natural and you’ll casually let people know about your business.

It’s easy. It’s easy because we already do that in our day to day conversations.

So go back to your Contact list and figure out who you’re going to tell next (if it makes sense to) and let people know you’re in business!

I have a unique system and tool I use that helps me do that. It’s a Contact Relationship Management system (CRM) called LeadTrain and I have a running list of Prospects at all times that I can fall back on whenever I’ve run out of people to tell about my essential oils or my businesses.

Mistake #2: They only talk to their close friends and family.

When network marketers begin on the journey of sharing their business with others, they’re often told to “make a contact list of 100 people” and to start with their warm market such as friends and family. I think this is a very unrealistic task and the list often gets chucked into the bin for fear of being ridiculed or embarrassed by this list of very close friends and family! NO ONE wants to be that person who contacts every single member of the family and close friends to offer their latest product or business opportunity. And hello, confession time: I have been guilty of this! Before my essential oils business, I delved in the world of telecommunications and I sought to convert every single friend and family member to my supposed never-seen-before long distance rates back in the days when long distance and international calls were an issue and VOIP was still clunky.

The fact of the matter is that your future business partners and downline superstars that will help you gain some considerable residual income do NOT come from your close list of friends and family. That is, it’s not the norm. They will instead come from your acquaintances that are not your close friends. Or they will come from a referral of someone else you know but never someone you know directly well. Shocking?

Not really if you think of where your key relationships in life come from.  If you are married or are in a relationship, chances are, your spouse was not a childhood friend that you grew up with. It’s most likely someone you met from someone else you met randomly.

The same applies to your network marketing business.

Let’s say you open a new cafe in town, will you just tell your close friends and family? Sure you may begin with them and tell them to spread the word but most likely you will want to shout it from the top of the mountains and let everyone know! The same applies to your network marketing business.

You need to tell everyone know because many friends and family members won’t join you but many casual acquaintances that you don’t know well will be excited to join you!

Let me reiterate this point clearly. The superstars in your organisation will not be the ones you know very well and most likely will be :

  • Acquaintances that you don’t know very well.
  • Referrals from someone you know

So start updating your contact list and make sure you have a great CRM and communication tool to store all these potential contacts (I use LeadTrain) and to let everyone know about your product or business. Don’t leave anyone out! Because winners will almost never come from those who are close to you.

Mistake #3: They pre-screen their prospects and only talk to the ones they think will be interested.

This is a huge mistake because the whole purpose of the Invite is to see if they’re open to learning more (about your product or business) and that is not a threatening question in any way, shape or form is it?

It’s very dangerous to screen your prospects because in my 5+ years as a network marketer, I have discovered that most people who you “think will do the business” most likely will not and the ones that you NEVER thought would be interested end up as excellent prospects and business builders or advocates of the product. So NEVER discriminate your prospects!  You can confidently contact everyone.

Remember the goal is not to convince everyone to buy your product or join you in the business, it’s simply to let everyone KNOW about it.

Let them be the decision maker in this, not you. You just need to inform. Be the messenger so to speak.

Worst-case scenario is you’ll get referrals especially if you phrase it the right way in whatever method of communication you choose.

If you opened a new café, will you only let your hungry friends know or only the coffee-lovers? No! You’ll tell everyone: parents with kids, friends who like café-style breakfasts, tea-lovers, business mates who like to work in cafés, the world’s your oyster right?

So go back to your prospects/contacts list now and see which contacts you’ve pre-screened and left off. Remember the goal is to simply let everyone “know” about your business/product.

Using LeadTrain, the CRM tool I use, I love creating Tracks that are all about reconnecting with “dusty” contacts, or people I haven’t spoken to in a long time. Tracks are simply a short and personal email series campaign that I’ve written that helps me reconnect with contacts easier and more efficiently while keeping my personal touch at all times. If you’d like to schedule me in for a 1:1 demo of this tool and see how I contact my Prospects, Leads and Team Members, you can do so right HERE in Mountain Time and HERE for Australian Eastern Time and I’ll send you a meeting link within 24 hours.

Mistake #4: They sell the product/business and not the opportunity to learn more.

The whole purpose of the Invite is to get your prospect to learn more about your product or business.

That’s IT.

Let me repeat that…

The WHOLE PURPOSE of inviting is to get your prospect to get on a call with you or your upline or team leader to LEARN MORE (or in a class/event where you’re also teaching this). Your goal is NOT to sell the product/business right off the bat.

In my case, my goal is to get people to ask me for more info on my product or business after which when I get that interest, I send them an email education series using once again my CRM tool I mentioned above.

Most network marketers think they need to convince their contacts to join right away or try the product right away. When you have that approach, that’s when you get the turned off responses because you talk too much, the avoiding if they see you at the supermarket and the nervous energy in just being around you.

You can’t give a good presentation of facts and educate on your product / business in just a few minutes time. Even if you’re good at selling, you still should not present right there and then. Because your prospects will think they have to do the same thing. Many network marketers forget this important detail: network marketing is not about making the sale, it’s about DUPLICATION. 

As a network marketer, you need to be selling how easy the business is, or how easy the product is to use (because it is and is life-changing). You’re selling the idea that this business is easy to do and the product is easy to incorporate into one’s life. Because they are !! If you are embodying that then it should be easy to talk about. I never preach what I don’t practice so it’s important you do too.

The process of getting a prospect to ask you to learn more about the product and/or business becomes easy when you’re ready with an email series (or phone call or class to invite them to) that will put them on that learning curve and help you advance the relationship towards eventual enrolment when it’s due time! There’s never any pressure or any coercion to buy into anything. It’s simply a string of emails or snippets of information that you are sending them across a period of time (using the LeadTrain Tracks makes it so easy!) which moves them forward in the education you wish to give them and that they’ve asked for!

Mistake #5: They approach every prospect/contact the same way.

When I started my essential oils business in 2013, I pretty much assumed every contact needed these essential oils and I still think everyone on the planet does, but I quickly realised how wrong I was in my approach. I was approaching everyone the same exact way. Same exact story, assumed they needed help with the oils to help with their physical health concerns and didn’t even think they might be interested about the business. I was so wrong!

I was also following up the same way and this whole sameness approach is a sure ticket to failure and frustration because EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!

Your contact list is the most valuable resource you have. In fact I set out to actually build a mailing list when I created my website because I knew I wanted to keep my tribe close to me when I release my e-courses about emotional wellbeing and digital marketing topics in future years (2017 I hope!). I want to be the first to tell you that I GET YOU and understand your pains and aspirations.

Tha fact of the matter is that there are 3 types of prospecrs you will ever encounter throughout your network marketing business. How you approach them is the foundation of your success in enrolling.

  • People that are more successful than you (people that are advanced in their careers, your boss, people that make more money than you, successful business owners)
  • People that are at the same level as you (peers, childhood friends, people you spend most of your time with)
  • People that want to be like you (people who look up to you, listen to what you have to say such as younger family members, subordinates at work, people not as advanced as you in their careers, people you have a bit of influence on basically).

It’s important to approach these 3 different types of people differently and I always like to say: meet people where they are at.

The first group of people will likely be the ones that grow your business fast so speak to them first and they often have great referrals. These are also the influencers so it’s good to have them talking about you if you can. They are usually open-mionded and won’t be negative. Even if they don’t join you they will never make fun of you or be negative about what you are bringing forward to the table.

The second and third group of people will also require different approaches as they may the skeptics and also the ones that can’t afford your product or don’t have time to do the business. You’ll want to approach these people in a way that truly speaks to them and meets them where THEY are at and really giving them the information they ask for and only that. You certainly don’t want to overwhelm or give too much information.

Depending on whom I am approaching I have set up different Tracks within my LeadTrain CRM tool and always know who to send on which Track as the information is tailored to suit their style and desire for specific information.

Are you making these mistakes? Go back to your contact list wherever you keep it and think of how you plan to prospect differently. Once you apply these principles, you will achieve better results. Please comment or share this post to any other network marketers that may need help in their MLM business.

If you want to learn more about the LeadTrain CRM tool I use that has revolutionised the way I contact people in my business, click here to head to my Contact Page and hit me up with a message. Make sure you select LEADTRAIN from the drop-down menu so I know that’s what you want to learn more about.

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  • Dee
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    I’m so knew to selling so this was really eye opening. Thanks for spelling it out, people like me need that!

  • Mia
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    Nice!! I’ve learned a lot here. Thank you for creating this. Kudos!

  • Leigh Skead
    Posted at 11:16h, 17 November Reply

    Thanks Heba
    I too have learned the above the hard way.
    Thanks for Letting people know we are loving and caring and sharing something that is amazing for us and others, and they are welcome to try a sample if they choose to.

    • Heba El Hakim
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      You’re welcome Leigh! We certainly are loving and caring people and sharing something truly amazing and bigger than us! (sorry for the delayed reply by the way) xx

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