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Arborvitae: The Oil of Divine Grace

Arborvitae helps individuals who believe or act like everything is or has to be a struggle and that they must do things themselves without asking for help. Instead of putting their trust in the Divine, these individuals block any help coming from the Divine, unknowingly so, and they choose to do everything by themselves, through their own hard efforts. They have that unyielding need to control every outcome in their lives. They are hesitant and resistant to asking for help.

Arborvitae comes in to address this need for control and invites the individual to live in peace, harmony and in complete trust in the grace of God. It can be so relieving to rely on this divine grace and help you feel more surrendered and grounded to His will. You do what you can and leave the rest up to God and His abundant grace – that is truly a great motto to live by and will leave you feel more complete and whole.

Arborvitae is a grounding oil that teaches that Divine Grace is all around us. It can be felt and experienced right here on Earth. God is not distant nor separate from us and He can guide us towards what we should keep close and what we should let go of.

Arborvitae has been used for centuries by Canadian Natives to promote grounding, calming, and spiritual trust. Like all tree oils, it can help us stand tall with strength and stability, rooted to the ground. Arborvitae comes from the Latin word meaning “to sacrifice”. It invites individuals to surrender their personal will and ambitions for a more fulfilling way of living without control, rigidity or fear issues. By surrendering to Divine Grace, the mind is able to relax and the soul feels more at peace and is able to breathe. Arborvitae helps us understand that real strength comes from emptying our hearts to receive God’s grace. It asks individuals to take a deep breath, relax and trust in the flow of life.

Arborvitae helps our souls experience effortless living by the grace of God.

Blends Well With

Arborvitae blends well with: Birch, Cedarwood, Cassia, Frankincense or Eucalyptus.

Don’t Have This Oil?

If you don’t have this oil, you may try these ones instead: Melaleuca, Cedarwood, Sandalwood or Oregano.

Usage Tips

When using it be sure to reserve it for only topical or aromatic use, diluting and use sparingly if using topically. Should be used with caution while pregnant.

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