How to take action in your business doing the RIGHT things and become fully booked

Last week was a crazy week in my multi-faceted business and professional work. I was in the midst of a big webinar week promoting a CRM tool that I use for my essential oils business to eager network marketers who are at the brink of needing valuable tools and systems to continue growing their businesses. The webinar response was phenomenal with over 100 live participants (we had to cap live attendance) and over 580 registrants waiting for the recording. In this same week, my Digital Strategy & Success Coach Laura Phillips launched her Fully Booked Blueprint Coaching Program of which I was a student for 10 weeks last year during the beta round…

I have to say that I met Laura by total fluke online when I was scouring the internet to find the right coach to help me launch my website and become my mentor for my online journey. To this day, I can’t remember how I found her but she sure had the voice, the visibility and the value that I so craved to offer to my audience. She had the style I love and the values I represent: honesty, transparency, no-fluff, no BS, no excuses attitude. Basically, she won my business heart!

I joined Laura’s circle as a very new, very green student in the world of starting up an online business. I had just gotten out of Marie Forleo’s B-School with a website to toot (launched in July 2016 which went incredibly well mainly thanks to my Emotions Library ) and here was Laura telling me the most important thing in your business is to analyse your data and to watch your metrics! What the heck was that I thought and it sounds super important because I know that success leaves clues and success can be measured so I needed to be doing this Data and Metrics Analysis thing and I needed to be doing it fast!

So I joined Laura’s Facebook group Savvy and Successful Mastermind and learned about her Savvy Academy which had all these short courses on so many things from how to build a WordPress site (I already had outsourced this task to my amazing web developers but this training was how to create one from scratch!) to how to design and build a landing page and how to segment your email marketing list. It was full of the tech and tools trainings that any online entrepreneur could ever want and Laura had a great style of teaching all about the implementation. Not only that but she had these really cool extra trainings like How to Be More Savvy and Build Your Confidence when you’re just starting out in your business. I trusted her decade years of experience in the digital marketing world with her own digital agency that she had built from the ground up.

I was mainly a spectator in this group, reading comments and learning from all of Laura’s posts and how she responded to others. I also witnessed her very bold decision to migrate her entire Facebook group of 1500+ into a more private group where she would now charge a nominal fee to be part of this mastermind and actually commit to implementing and taking action. She didn’t want to be everyone’s Google search anymore and I really respected that! I saw how I can slowly but surely start valuing myself more, gain confidence in myself and actually charge for what I deliver. I learned how to do that in the Fully Booked Blueprint program and am proud to say I have had my year of freebies in 2016 and 2017 will be the year where I begin to truly shine and begin charging my worth and growing my real tribe so-to-speak.

It was when Laura approached me for joining her Fully Booked Blueprint that I knew she had something up her sleeve and she saw me as the perfect candidate for her program. She didn’t offer it to many in her circle and I was utterly stoked when I received her exclusive email to me asking if I was interested to join a program that she feels would really help me at the point I am in my business today.

Naturally I said yes! And so I joined the beta round of the program with 9 other students. It was a cozy group and we all got to know each other quite well. They are like family to me now with Laura being our Mama Bear 😉

Here’s what I learned with Laura and what YOU will learn to if you join in on the next round of the Fully Booked Blueprint Coaching Program starting 6th February.

I wanted to learn how to do the RIGHT things in my business to eventually become fully booked (meaning serving my ideal clients). I felt like I was just doing and not really going anywhere.

So Laura first taught me about The 3V Formula: V + V + V . This formula is all about the Customer Journey and what you can offer your ideal customer.

You need to have a VOICE.

You need to have VISIBILITY.

You need to add VALUE.


In the Fully Booked Blueprint Coaching Program we have an entire module for the 3V Formula and it is one of the most popular modules where you will get a lot of ‘aha’ moments. For me, it was all about my voice. I was already visible with a good social media following and I was already adding value wherever I went but my VOICE needed to be more out there and I needed to be more confident in that people wanted to hear me. I needed to find my truth and find my platform and just start sharing my message with gusto and without fear. So I launched my website. That was the first out-of-my-comfort-zone action I did in 2016 that set the course for my voice and my platform.

It’s that self-confidence that Laura teaches in the 3V Formula, that ability to just take action and do what needs to be done whether it’s getting a weekly blog post done, or doing a Facebook Live Video or showing up to a live training or teaching a class or webinar. Slowly but surely I was stepping up to deliver my message on various platforms.

Guess what honing those skills got me? I was recommended as a speaker at a major conference in March 2017 in front of at least 3,000 people!

Am I nervous? HELL YEAH!

But I will make sure I will deliver it right and speak from my heart and it will be about my journey with the audience in mind. I am so excited for that next step in my journey and to relate my experience to you all 🙂

Has the Fully Booked Blueprint changed the way I do business? YES!

It is so hard to grow a business nowadays you know why? Because people are any of the following:

  • Focused on the wrong things
  • Overwhelmed and burnt out
  • Have a poor strategy
  • Lacking self-confidence
  • Fearful of failure
  • Fearful of success
  • Have no time and no resources

That’s why you need a BLUEPRINT.

You need a STRATEGY. You need SYSTEMS. You need CONFIDENCE.

That’s literally all there is to taking your business to the next level!

If you take the time to learn these skills you will transform your business I guarantee you. That’s where the amazing results come from. They come from your ability to take action and always be moving forward. They come from being willing to take a risk and implement change. It’s about being able to learn a new tool.

Let’s take LeadTrain for example, the CRM tool I teach about to my network marketing friends and colleagues. Do you know how many are just too afraid to even TRY it for their business? It took the longest time of consistently planting seeds into various leaders’ groups and explaining to them how it IS the tool they are looking for. But all were too afraid to try. No it’s another gimmick. I’ve already spent money on another tool and I will just keep trying to make it work despite its imperfections. Well there are a TON of tools out there but you need to do your research and find one and TRY. If it doesn’t work let it go and try something else. Simple as that.

And that’s what you learn in the Fully Booked Blueprint Coaching Program. You are investing in yourself to keep ahead of the game and learning the strategies and tools and systems you need to IMPLEMENT into your business. This isn’t another e-course that you will add to your never-ending courses that you don’t finish. This is an implementation course. We are rolling up our sleeves and doing the work. If you listen to Laura relate some of the success stories of this program you will be amazed at the results.

Here’s what you will learn in 10 weeks with me and Laura right beside you coaching and supporting:

Module 1: YOUR Business Blueprint
Module 2: The 3V Formula (Voice + Visibility + Value)
Module 3: The Profit Plan
Module 4: The Fully Booked Funnel
Module 5: Scaling up and Systems

So now I invite you to watch the LAST video of Laura’s 4-part FREE VIDEO SERIES that she released last week. If you missed the first 3 videos and would like to learn from them, you should go back and listen to them HERE because they are a ton of value. You need to hurry though because they are only around for another 24 hours from the date of this post.

But I encourage you to watch this latest video released, the final video which tells you ALL about the Fully Booked Blueprint Coaching Program and how it can work for you, how it can provide you with the tools and confidence you need to scale your business or even start one if you’re at the beginning of your journey. Whatever place you are at in your business dreams, Laura is the right coach for you because she has a lot of experience and is very nurturing of all her clients as she was with me. I am so honoured and proud to be part of her inner circle and be her student.

This could be YOUR year if you make that decision to invest in you and your business and join Laura and I in The Fully Booked Blueprint Program!

What strategies will you take action on this year for your business? What tools will you learn to use? What are the top 3 things you need to take action on to get your business to the next level? I would love to know! Please share in the comments below.

  • Amy Greenlaw
    Posted at 14:51h, 15 February Reply

    Great post. wish I had found you sooner since I missed the fully booked blueprint class. And it’s funny because I found you via LeadTrain which I just signed up for a trial a couple days ago. I also just watched the first two video’s of Maria Forleo’s B-School series. I am dedicated to growing my dōTERRA business and would love to learn more about what you have tried and what steps worked for you. Was B-School helpful to you? How is LeadTrain working for you and helping grow your business?
    Thanks so much!

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