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Welcome to the Emotions Library!

I am so excited to present to you the Emotions Library: a quick online resource available right at your fingertips to help you find the best oils and blends to help you with any emotion you may experience.

Why I created the Emotions Library

I created the Emotions Library because it was something that I increasingly needed during my essential oils journey.

As I underwent psycho-dynamic therapy, I quickly realised and understood that emotions are something that we need to master and pay attention to on a daily basis. Emotions are central to our lives. They provide joy, they alert us to dangerous threats, they are a force for change and they even help us call to others for help.

But we don’t get to choose what to feel or when to feel it. That’s somehow beyond our control because our emotions stem from our thoughts. Our thoughts, on the other hand, we can control but it takes practice to master our thoughts.

We can become aware of our emotions and through better understanding of how emotions work, we can sometimes even choose how we feel. But until you gain that skill or understanding, there’s no way you can control what you will feel throughout the day. This is what I struggled with most: my overwhelming emotions that would literally just flood me and leave me wallow in misery or despair for days.

Once I became aware and learned to sit with my emotions, feel them in my body (they are simply energy that can be transferred and channeled and shifted), I then developed the muscle or skill to quickly process and release them. I no longer became that person that was miserable, and irritable for days on end. No longer did my daughter’s or husband’s emotions overwhelm me and while I still have some bad days where things go utterly wrong, I have concrete TOOLS that I can rely on for help.

As I learned more about the benefits of essential oils, one thing that fascinated me was how they can help with our emotions.

I had in my possession an amazing book called Emotions and Essentials Oils – A Modern Resource for Healing which I couldn’t put down once I understood my emotions because it told me exactly which oil to use to address any emotion. It was a God-send and I can’t thank the authors of that book enough.

However not everyone has access to this book or has it within reach, but we all have our smartphones within reach don’t we? I built the Emotions Library with the time-poor individual in mind or constantly on-the-go who needs to quickly figure out what oil to use in dealing with their emotions.

With my Emotions Library you can easily find the essential oil or blend to use if you want to feel a certain positive emotion or if you want to release a certain negative emotion you’re feeling. You need to become skilled at self-awareness and recognising the emotions you’re experiencing. Don’t worry, this is like a muscle you can train, so it takes a bit of practice.

How to use the Emotions Library

The Emotions Library is a highly customised & specialised search tool and to search in it is simple:

    1. Enter an emotion you are feeling (negative emotion) or want to feel (positive emotion). For example, if you are feeling agitated type in the Search bar: Agitated
    2. The tool will automatically pull up any essential oil(s) or blend(s) normally associated with this emotion

Clicking on the desired image will give you more details on how to use the oil or blend for that specific targeted emotional state

This tool is dynamic and I’ve taken the time to index over 400 search terms for you to help you nail down the exact emotions you’re experiencing. The tool also uses predictive search so if you begin typing a term, the tool will predict what you are trying to search.

If the tool doesn’t find your term, you can Contact Me to suggest I add it in the database.

Think of this tool like an atlas or encyclopedia of all the emotions an individual can possibly feel or experience.

A quick word on how the oils should be applied:

We know that our sense of smell is the best way to reach the emotional center of the brain, so inhalation is the best way to apply these. You can diffuse these oils in a room, wear them as a perfume or simply inhale them from the bottle regularly throughout the day. You may even wish to make up a blend so as to combine several oils that will “pack a punch” so to speak. You can combine these oils with a special massage technique aimed at helping your body reach homeostasis and balance if you are tense or finding it hard to relax. There is also the possibility of using these oils with some type of acupressure or reflex technique, in which case you will apply the oils topically to a certain part of the body.

Remember, emotions are energy in motion, so you just need to shift the emotion or transfer it elsewhere in your body. It won’t leave your body, it just transforms into a higher vibrating frequency or in laymen’s  terms: it is transformed into positive energy and shifted elsewhere in your body. Makes sense?


If you want to feel a positive emotion or if you’re feeling a negative emotion, type that emotion in the box to find the oil(s) that can assist you.

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