1 on 1 Discovery Sessions

free-discovery-sessionsYou know it’s time…

It’s time to let go of frustration, of anger, of shame, of guilt.

It’s time to forgive, to love, to care more, to inspire and empower others.

It’s time to live your truth and embrace yourself more. To live with purpose and fulfillment.

Now is the time to reclaim your power through emotional healing and to uncover the health, happiness and confidence you deserve to have.

If you’re ready to start empowering yourself with natural solutions and healing the relationship you have with yourself and with others, I invite you to take a look at essential oils as s SIMPLE solution, easy to integrate in your life and helps you and your loved ones achieve optimal physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual health.

These one-on-one consultations with me are my investment in YOU. I am 100% all yours, undivided attention to listen to you describe what you are currently needing support in. Think of it like having a cup of coffee, tea, herbal drink – whatever floats your boat – with your bestie when you most need it 🙂

I want to deeply CONNECT with you and understand the following:

  • What’s troubling you right now?
  • What worries you right now?
  • What health concerns are you currently dealing with?
  • How long have you been dealing with this concern?
  • What would you like to experience more of?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • Why is this important to you?
  • How long have you been thinking of achieving this?
  • How serious are you in making change in your life?
  • Where are you at to move forward with this (with or without my help/oils/this opportunity)?

If you would like to get started on reinventing the way you take care of your health and that of your loved ones, I would be thrilled to help you on that journey! My 3+ years of experience in this particular industry (essential oils and wellness products), my 15+ years of professional experience and my passion about helping people live their truth and embrace themselves wholeheartedly make me well-qualified to help you in selecting the specific products and tools YOU need. This FREE discovery session is for you if you’re the tiniest bit curious about how these essential oils can enhance your life.

We can have a session face-to-face, over the phone, over Skype, using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp – whatever works best for you! Distance is not an issue – we just need to work around the best time in your and my timezone and that’s easily arranged.

So go ahead and pop in your details in the form below and provide as much detail as you can on best ways to reach you and best time of day to connect and why you want this FREE discovery session.