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Marjoram: The Oil of Connection

Marjoram helps those who are unable to trust others or form meaningful connections. Marjoram relates to the heart center and helps you build healthy relationships with others. It may be useful for anyone with trust issues, who struggles to let others in their lives and always has their guard up (unnecessarily), or who might feel distant or cold to others. Marjoram assists in the safe sharing of your heart with others. It is the Oil of Connection.

It’s interesting to note that the Greeks and Romans associated marjoram with not only love and happiness, but also with transition through physical death. Death is a metaphor for transformation and this is key. In this way, those who experience the opposite feelings of connection such as disconnected, insecure, unsupported can transform those feelings with the help of marjoram. In the release of those negative feelings, we become more balanced and we are able to accept and love ourselves more fully which is key for a healthy connection with others. We cannot relate to others on a deep level if we feel disconnected from ourselves.

This inability to trust often comes from harsh life experiences. The person develops fear of connecting too closely with others and they tend towards isolating behaviours, protecting themselves by avoiding or abstaining from social interactions. They may also protect themselves by unconsciously sabotaging long-term relationships.

Marjoram reveals the barriers they have formed to serve as a protection from others. It shows patterns of being aloof, separated, distant and even cold with others. Those in need of Marjoram are unintentionally using these behavioural patterns as coping mechanisms. Deep down they just want to have intimate connections with others but they are constantly sabotaging them.

Marjoram is mentally strengthening and relaxing. It calms nervous tension. It teaches us that the trust is a fundamental basis for any lasting human relationship. It helps a person increase their feelings of warmth and trust towards others especially in social situations. Marjoram softens the heart and heals past wounds. It helps an individual feel safe and loved so that they express their True Self more freely. Marjoram restores trust and openness so that true bonds of love can be formed in friendships and relationships.

Blends Well With

Marjoram blends well with: Bergamot, Cypress, Lavender, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Wild Orange.

Don’t Have This Oil?

Depending on your uses for this oil, substitutes may include: Lemongrass, Oregano, Rosemary.

Usage Tips

Always test for skin sensitivity prior to widespread use and use on the feet when possible. Excessive use of any oil can lead to skin sensitisation. Keep out of eyes, ears, or nose. Not all oils are created equal, so test brands carefully, and never use an oil in a way not recommended by its maker.

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