Can I really use essential oils internally? Is it safe?

Many high quality essential oils may be used internally to provide immediate help for oral, gastrointestinal and other concerns. I always look for the FDA Supplement Fact label to know if I can use an essential oil internally or not. Or I read the label very carefully and my reference books. If the supplement fact label is there, it means the oil is designated GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and may be used internally. There are a few oils that are NOT recommended for internal use and you should research to find out which.

Of course, before using essential oils internally, it’s necessary to learn how to do so safely — otherwise you could inflict damage on yourself and others. There are many safe and efficacious ways to use essential oils as natural aromatic healthcare and it is up to the user to know what is safe. I will always teach safe internal use in my live classes, consultations and/or webinars.

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