Do you sell essential oils?

I would refer to what I do as “empowering others” rather than selling although we are all selling something in one form or another. When you go watch a movie at the cinema and rave about it the next day and highly recommend it to your friends and family, guess what you are doing? Selling! You’d probably like to refer to it as informing others about something you really love. Selling is a natural part of our human nature. We love to help others consume what we love the most. Frankly, I find it very nice when you love for your neighbor that which you love for yourself.

So that is how I view what I do! I empower individuals to take control of their own health and help them discover how they can use the purest essential oils on the planet as part of a holistic model of care for the whole family. I truly believe everyone needs them and I love to teach on how to use them effectively to improve one’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and even financial circumstances. If all this speaks to you and makes sense, please contact me directly to discuss your options and perhaps book a Discovery Session with me to figure out which oils are right for you and your family to meet your current and future health goals.

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