How long will my starter kit last me?

The Starter Kits, depending on which one you choose, come with either 5 ml or 15 ml bottles. Each 15 ml bottle has approximately 250 drops and each 5 ml bottle has approximately 85 drops. For my family and I, we can quickly go through certain oils each month and that’s because they get used more than others. For instance, we love Lavender in our home and that goes in the diffuser pretty much at each bedtime. I usually ingest about 1-2 drops of Lemon with my filtered water every day, I also clean with Lemon and I use my Protective and Grounding Blends on a daily basis too. You will most likely get into a comfortable essential oil routine yourself once you discover their amazing therapeutic benefits and determine your preferred ones. There are many oils that we do not use on a monthly basis and there are even some oils that we have had for over a year because they’ve been opened a handful number of times. It truly depends on your family’s needs and circumstances as well as your knowledge on the essential oils and their common uses.

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