How should I store my essential oils?

┬áThe compounds in essential oils are best preserved when stored and kept from light, heat, air and moisture. Long exposure to oxygen begins the oxidation process which is the breakdown of an essential oil and the change in its chemical makeup. This process is slow but can, over time, promote skin sensitivity with some oils. Citrus oils and blue-tinted oils are especially prone to this oxidative breakdown. For optimum storage of these types of oils for longer than a year, refrigeration is best. You can also add a carrier oil (top-up) to slow down this process. It’s also good practice to keep air space in essential oil bottles to a minimum. You can transfer oils to smaller bottles to reduce air space. Essential oils are flammable and should be kept clear from any open flame or spark.

Another important thing to note is not to store your essential oils in plastic. Essential oils are known to break down petrochemicals and can damage plastic. Also, using them in plastic containers can contaminate the essential oils as the plastic leeches into the oils.

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