What is layering and how do I do it?

Layering is the process of applying more than one oil to a desired location to intensify the effect of an oil or to address multiple concerns at once. I am a huge fan of layering and often use this method to have better control on dosage and to enhance the effects of the other oils.

Take Frankincense for example, this oil is a magnifier so when you use it first applied to an area on the skin, this will serve to magnify the effects of subsequent oils layered on top.

Another reason to layer is to “deodorise” and create a different aroma. So for example, let’s say you don’t like the smell of a certain essential oil, you would choose the least preferred aroma as the first oil to apply and then layer a second and even third oil on top. The last oils added on top will be the strongest aromas initially. After a time, a more base note oil lingers and then a top note oil.

Layering really helps and works on children who may be sensitive to or dislike the smell of an oil and hence resist their use.

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