Where is the most effective place to apply the oils topically?

There are lots of places on the body where you can apply an essential oil topically. Massaging the oils topically increases circulation and absorption, helps improve lymphatic flow, and aids in the release of toxins. It also soothes nerve endings, relaxes muscles, and relieves stress and tension in the body.

So the best places are your:

  • head: apply oils to fingertips and gently massage entire scalp.
  • neck: use circular movements, working from the base of the neck, up both sides of the vertebrae, to the base of the scalp.
  • shoulders: using thumb and palms, make firm strokes from the shoulder to the neck and back again.
  • arms: massage up towards the armpit on the fatty or muscular areas only.
  • back: start from the lower back region and with two hands stroke all the way up to the shoulders alongside the spine, then slide hands over the shoulders and return down the sides of the back.
  • abdomen: use┬ácircular movements and clockwise.
  • legs: massage upwards on the fatty or muscular areas only and avoid varicose veins,
  • feet: massage from the toes to the heel with thumbs under the foot and fingers on top.

Applying heat will increase blood flow and absorption.

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