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Build an Essential Oils Business With Me!


“I don’t sell essential oils. I educate and empower individuals with natural solutions to achieve physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and even financial health in their lives”

Not only have I been successful at building an essential oils business and growing my business, but I’ve done it while enjoying being present at home with my daughter and husband, setting my own hours and still finding time and the means to invest in my own personal growth via leadership retreats, conventions and online courses.

I’m currently looking for highly-driven, motivated individuals to fill leadership positions within my team. These people will have the opportunity to be mentored by me and create residual income while sharing products that literally change lives.

Get Fit With Me!

I don’t do diets. I used to go to gyms in the good ol’ days before becoming a Mum, now any 15-minute exercise that gets my heart rate up and my muscles workin’ is a winner in my book. I need accountability to keep my healthy weight goals top of mind. I do need structure and a points-based system to keep me on track. I do want to be supported in a team of like-minded individuals. I don’t mind cash prizes 🙂

If this sounds like you then you need to check out becoming part of my TERRAFit team. I coach teams all year-round in various challenges. You can choose to do a 21-day Sprint Challenge with me or a more elaborate 12-week Challenge. Find out when my next challenge is and how to sign up!

Get Fit Win Cash